What is Essay Writing ?

Essay (Nibandh) is made up of two words ni + bandh, which means tied together. The specialty of a good essay is to write a well-ordered collection of well-chosen, well-ordered words. The essay gives information about the personality of the writer. The essay presents the knowledge acquired from the writer's entire life.

Role of Essay in Exam

The essay reflects the personality of the writer. The way you think, your essay will be like that. So here the role of essay becomes most important. The essay has to test the ability of the writer to think, make decisions, understand the problems and solve them. Essay is the essence of the whole life of the writer, which he has earned by his knowledge, skill, intelligence.

What Does The Commission Want From You

The commission, whether of UPSC or any other institution, always expects an essay from the candidate, which contains the following points.

Entire essay should be tied in one thread.

There is a middle way through the essay .

All topics related to the essay should be included.

The writing of the candidate, his thoughts, the way of drawing conclusions of the candidate and the language style should be excellent.

Writing should be well written following the word limit.

Material For Preparation of Essay

Newspaper Editorial

Planning, EPW, Special Issues of Economic Survey

Rajya Sabha TV Discussion

Writings of Outstanding Poets



Essay Outline


Historical background information, if any

Main dispute if any

Current status of the subject

Negative and positive effects of the topic

Major Disturbances

Tip or Middle


Subject Selection

Always choose the subject on which you feel comfortable. Do not choose any topic coming in emotion or passion which will have a negative effect on your essay. The subject should be such that you have sufficient resources, material and facts with you.

Mistakes To Avoid

The writing should be clear and legible.

Grammar errors, no errors .

language is too difficult i.e. avoid choosing very difficult words.

Do not make the sentences too long, write the essay in short 2 sentences.

Your essay should not lean towards any language, caste, region, community and communalism.

Avoid doing excessive evil of government schemes.

Avoid giving the name of a particular person or group in the essay.

Don't write the whole essay by grabbing a single word or point.

Do not deviate from the main issue .

Take special care of the word limit.