Determination And Devotion

The student has to walk with both determination and dedication to pass these exams.

Once you have thought that you have to succeed in this examination, then there is no question of looking back.

These exams are neither simple nor easy. Whether the exam is small or big, it is very important to have determination in every exam.

Intense dedication along with determination will help you pass the exam.

Many times, even after studying a subject, the questions are not solved, then the mind of the students starts withdrawing from the study, but at the same time your determination and dedication keeps you tied to the examination.

There is difficulty in passing every exam but don't give up.

Hard work, determination and dedication never let you down.

When you do not pass the examination even after studying deeply, then frustration and despair surround you, but the examinations do not end, failing in one examination does not mean that you will fail in all the examinations. This is where your determination comes in handy.

Keep Positive thoughts in mind at all times.

Nothing will be gained by negativity.

With the right direction, proper guidance, hard work and dedication, you have to pass the exam.

Careful Study of The Curriculum

Whether the exam is small or big, always start the study by considering the syllabus of the exam as the basis, this is the best way to study.

The examination syllabus has a special contribution in passing any competitive examination, due to which the candidates prepare according to the syllabus and also avoids the distraction and useless syllabus.

Studying NCERT Books

IGESS wants to inform the students preparing for all competitive examinations that whether the examination is of Civil Services or Bank, SSC, Railway etc., students should first study from NCERT books.

NCERT books strengthen your base in general studies.

In general studies, questions related to history, geography, politics, economics etc. are asked, so for competitive examinations, first of all read further books after carefully studying NCERT books.

Syllabus Wise Selection of Books

Books play an important role in the preparation of competitive exams.

Right knowledge helps you to pass the exam.

Right knowledge helps you to pass the exam.

Make Your Own Notes

Candidates should make their own notes by selecting the right books

The candidate should not make notes from a single book, although it is easier, but it is more effective if notes are made from two to three books.

Although making notes from more books is a difficult task, but it opens the way to success.

By making notes, you remember things and you do not need to go through the book again and again during the exam.

How To Make Notes

Make short notes, no need to write complete sentences.

Pay more attention to the main points.

Must have the ability to shorten large paragraphs.

The same sentence should not be repeated over and over again when multiple sources are used.

After making notes, a few pages should be left, so that if a good source is found from somewhere else, it can be written.

Develop Writing Skills

The candidate should be proficient in the art of writing.

Make sure to practice writing daily.

The art of writing has special importance in the main examination and other written examinations.

There should be proper adherence to the word limit in the main examination, essay writing and correspondence.

Writing develops the art of recognizing the nature of questions.

Repeated writing also reduces errors.

According to the nature of the questions, the use of short paragraphs, symbols and symbols develops your writing skills.

Keep Practicing

Continuing practice here means that you keep repeating the notes written by you, so that things are remembered.

Make a habit of reading the subject again and again instead of reading it once. This increases the chances of getting hold on the subject and passing the exam.

Notes should be repeated every week after making notes.

Time Management

Time management is very important.

Divide the time in such a way that everyone can pay attention to the subjects.

Instead of studying for 10 hours or 12 hours, read for as long as you can.

Reading without paying much attention is a waste of time.

Deep Study is Essential

Whether the examination is small or big, no short path has been made till date to pass any examination.

The examination cannot be passed by reading only objective type questions

Overall knowledge of the subjects i.e. in-depth study is necessary.

So make a habit of studying from books and notes made by yourself.

Deep study will pave you on the path of success.

It is Necessary To Solve The Question Papers

It is very important to solve the objective and main exam papers before the exam.

After studying the topic thoroughly, try to solve the question papers, you will definitely get success

Speed And Accuracy

These two words play the biggest role in passing any competitive exam.

Be it objective type questions or C-SAT questions, speed and accuracy make you successful.

Practice is essential for speed and accuracy.

C-SAT has maths questions or logical reasoning if you have both speed and accuracy to solve the questions then you can get success easily.